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Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on social media

Social media allows companies to remain in close contact with their customers. Social media marketing is cost-effective and provides brands with instant access to millions of active users. This is why social media like Pikdo Instagram online viewer, Facebook and others have proved to be among the most efficient ways of promoting products on the internet.

Yet competition has grown increasingly fierce, with each business aware that social media is a battleground. To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential that you take advantage of the new techniques and trends and also promote your business on social media with creativity and regularly. Below are six of these strategies which will assist you in generating leads for your business by using social media in 2019.

1. Run Contests on social media to Attract Attention.

Contests are a clever way to advertise your product without actually advertising it. Contests run on social media platforms can attract attention to your brand. To benefit from the contest, make it simple and fun, and provide giveaways to everyone participating. This will build an appreciation for your product among your clients and will aid in the generation of leads over the long term.

Examples: Dove recently began the “Real beauty should be shared” contest on Facebook. It was a fill-in-the-blank challenge that required participants to write why their friends are the real thing by entering their friends’ names and other things they consider genuine beauty.

For the price of this contest, they offered contestants the opportunity to become Dove’s face Dove (to be printed on the Dove soap cases). It was a fantastic advertising campaign in which Dove gained an authentic image for marketing and garnered enormous attention for their product. Also read: How to increase sales using Social Media Marketing.

2. Promote your product and get your message out to a larger audience.

People follow your social media page due to their interest in your products. For companies, there’s an increase in the organic reach of social media. This is why they should put in more effort to ensure that their posts are being read by their intended people.

Social media advertisements increase your reach and could assist you in achieving millions of viewers on your content. This, in turn, provides your product the exposure you’re looking for and eventually leads to more leads. Examples: Here are some figures from our latest Facebook advertisements for our company Yoka (a multivendor online store).

Although we only have a few hundred fans on Facebook, we managed to get in touch with nearly 300K people using Facebook advertisements; and it was all for one hundred dollars (INR 8000), as you see in the image above. Pro Tips: To increase the effectiveness of your social media paid strategies, you can use an application such as Rebrand Ly’s URL Shortener. Repandly can redirect people to the links you post on social media, even if they don’t link to your site. This feature lets you expand the audience of your ads using news and other content from different websites.

3. Promo codes and deals are available on social media.

A new concept that proved to be a great way to advertise your products through social media is to give promotions and discounts. Offer discounts to your customers on social media often to ensure they are active throughout the day. It is also possible to consider a few ideas on how you can personalize the idea of giving discounts and coupons to make your customers feel appreciated.

For instance, offering discounts on birthdays, including names on discount credit cards, etc. This will make them to your brand over the long term. Examples: Lane Bryant took advantage of the last day of summer to sell off its clothing collection.

The company used social media to draw people to sign up for a 50 percent discount on all summer clothes. The discount was planned strategically by the store’s e-commerce site to engage the customers with the message that summer clothes will be gone following the sale.

4. Create Social Proofs to help build confidence in your product.

reviews and testimonials from customers that serve as an influencer that helps promote your brand in a favorable image. Even large companies with huge budgets have Command centers for social media to monitor their social evidence. The reason to offer and monitor social proof is that it is better to let consumers make a wise decision after looking at other customers’ experiences rather than being in the grip of social media ads.

This is why you should be conscious of making testimonials from customers or content created by users the mainstay of your company through social networks like Picuki social media app. Take a look at tools like Yitro, which can assist you in this regard. If the cost is too high for your company, numerous Yitro alternatives are cheaper for small-sized businesses.

Examples: The Facebook page of GoPro is filled with user-generated testimonials and user-generated content. Users upload epic photos taken with the GoPro camera that GoPro publishes via social media to impact potential buyers of their product.

5. Share Creative Visual Content for Better Engagement.

Videos, photos, and other forms of visual content have been proven to be most effective in attracting people using social networks. By posting interesting images or videos of product demonstrations across various social networks and platforms. Examples: The above video was designed by FAT bit Technologies Design experts to introduce the company.

6. Promote Your Product in Social Media Communities.

Joining relevant social media communities and groups in your industry can be a useful method to promote your product. Your efforts to promote your product on social media communities will automatically produce better results because people are already interested in similar products.

However, it is crucial to connect with the group members professionally, converse about the interests of their members, and stay honest when you describe the features of your service. If you take note of these tips and follow these guidelines, social media will be an excellent source of getting leads relevant to your business.


Over the past several years, social media has gained popularity as a powerful marketing tool to advertise brands. However, to get the most from this medium, you have to comprehend social media’s audience thoroughly. People are willing to try new ideas as long as they are interested in them.

However, they don’t focus on overly aggressive and promotional items. Take the tips above with the characteristics of social media’s audience. Then, see what you can do to increase customer engagement and sales of your products.

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